Student Activities * All College


At the present time, students are eligible to sit on and participate in the discussions and decisions of the following committees of the college's professional staff:

  • Commencement Committee: Plans and coordinates commencement. (Two student seats)
  • Community Service Awards:  Meets in February and March to select nominees for the Department of Higher Education Community Service Awards and the recipients of the College’s Community Service Awards.  (One student seat)
  • Cultural Planning Committee: Suggests programs designed to enrich cultural life at the college. (Two student seats)
  • Budget and Facilities Committee: Meets quarterly to address construction, space issues and the physical make up of the College as well as any health and safety issues, including traffic and drug and alcohol issues. (Two student seats)
  • Library Advisory Committee: Advises the library regarding budget, services, and resources, and acts as an information resource and advocate for library concerns. (Two student seats)
  • Northwestern Community College Foundation (NCCF): Raises funds through communication and interaction with the community for charitable education, scientific or literary purposes to benefit NCCC, especially for the fulfillment of the college’s most critical needs, which cannot be funded through normal channels. (One student seat)
  • Orientation Committee: Plans and organizes an orientation program for new and transfer students. (One student seat)
  • Professional Senate:  (One student seat selected by the Student Senate)

Student representatives are elected in the September elections. Seats that become vacant during the year are filled by a majority vote of the committee membership. For more information or to be placed on the ballot in September, contact Student Activities, GW 110, at 860-738-6344.