Program List

Associate in Science Degree

The Associate Degree in this AVMA fully-accredited program will prepare students for immediate employment in veterinary offices, biological research facilities, drug and feed manufacturing companies, and in the animal production industry. The objective of this program is to provide the classroom, laboratory, and field experience that will prepare students to be job entry-level competent. After completing the Associate Degree program, eligible students may transfer seamlessly to the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Connecticut to major in either Animal Science or Pathobiology. The NCCC Veterinary Technology Program promotes graduate success through a combination of challenging studies, extensive on-site hands-on learning opportunities, affiliations with off-site veterinary clinics, and continued emphasis on the need for lifelong learning.

Advisor: Katherine Smith, , 860-738-6490

NOTE: a minimum grade of "C" (2.00) is required for all VET* designated courses. Additionally, all VET* and BIO* designated courses must be completed within 5 years.

Program Admission Prerequisites:

Other Requirements:

General Education Requirements
ENG*101 Composition 3

Literature or Communication

Vet Office Mgmt & Communication
Behavioral Science PSY*111 General Psychology I 3
Humanities/ Arts   Humanities or Arts Elective 3
Mathematics MAT* Mathematics Elective 3
Natural/ Physical Science BIO* 235 Microbiology 4
Social Science   Social Science Elective 3
Liberal Arts BIO*238 Parasitology 3
Program Requirements
  MED*125 Medical Terminology 3
  VET*250 Principles of Pharmacology-Vet Tech 3
Specialized Program Requirements
  VET*100 Introduction to Animal Care 2
  VET*101 Introduction to Veterinary Technology 3
  VET*151 Small Animal Veterinary Technology 4
  VET*152 Large Animal Veterinary Technology 4
  VET*201 and 201L VET Anatomy & Physiology I (Lecture & Lab) 4
  VET*202 and 202L VET Anatomy & Physiology II (Lecture & Lab) 4
   VET*205 and 205L Veterinary Laboratory Procedures and Vet Procedures Lab 3
  VET*212 Principles of Imaging 1
  VET*220 Animal Pathology 3
  VET*230 Veterinary Anesthesia & Surgical Nursing (Lab & Lecture) 4
  VET*240 Periodontal & Oral Radiology (Lab & Lecture) 2
  VET*280 Veterinary Technology Externship I 1
  VET*281 Veterinary Technology Externship II 2
    Total 68

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of the wide variety of knowledge needed within the career, including anatomy and physiology, laboratory procedures, medical and surgical nursing skills, and clinical pathology.
  • Demonstrate the entry-level skills and the knowledge applicable for a wide variety of careers, including employment at veterinary clinics, zoos, wild-life rehabilitation centers, research facilities, pharmaceutical sales, as well as drug and feed manufacturing companies.
  • Sit for the Veterinary Technician National Examination.
  • Demonstrate analytical problem-solving and decision-making skills applicable to the role of the veterinary technician in the field of animal healthcare.