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Associate in Science Degree

The physical therapist assistant is a paraprofessional who delivers services under the supervision of a physical therapist. Work for a physical therapist assistant might be in a hospital, school system, private office, home health agency, industrial setting or rehabilitation hospital. This course of study provides the specific training necessary to enter a career as a physical therapist assistant. This is a "selective admissions program" and is provided through a consortium in collaboration with Capital, Housatonic, Manchester, Naugatuck Valley, Northwestern Connecticut and Tunxis Community Colleges. Individuals applying for admission to the Physical Therapist Assistant program may apply at only one location.

The Physical Therapist Assistant program is licensed by the Connecticut Board of Governors of Higher Education and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education/APTA, 1111 North Fairfax St., Alexandria, VA 22314-1488, 703-684-2782.

Advisor: Jane O'Grady, , 860-738-6393

Prerequisites: MAT* 137 Intermediate Algebra, Chemistry or Physics, BIO* 211 Anatomy & Physiology I with a minimum grade of "C" taken within the last 5 years prior to entering the PTA Program.

General Education Requirements   All PTA* courses must be taken
in sequence with the exception of
electives. The curriculum is
designed as a progression of
increasing complexity. A grade of
"C" or higher must be achieved in
all PTA* and BIO* courses and a
grade of "P" must be attained in
the clinical education components. 



For a complete list of selective
admission requirements, including
approved prerequisite courses
contact the Director of Admissions
or the Allied Health Program Coordinator.

  ENG*101 Composition 3

Literature or

ENG*102 Literature & Composition 3
Behavioral Science PSY*111 General Psychology 3
Humanities/Arts   Humanities or Art Elective 3
Mathematics MAT* Mathematics 3
Natural/Physical Science BIO*212 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
     Social Science Elective 3
Liberal Arts COM*173 Public Speaking 3
Program Requirements
  PTA*120 Introduction to Physical Therapy 3
  PTA*125 Physical Therapy for Function 3
  PTA*220 Introduction to Physical Therapy Clinic 1
  PTA*230 Physical Agents in Physical Therapy 4
  PTA*235 Kinesiology for Rehabilitation 4
  PTA*250 Therapeutic Exercise 5
  PTA*253 Pathophysiology for Rehabilitation 3
  PTA*258 PTA in the Healthcare Arena 2
  PTA*260 Physical Therapy Seminar 2
  PTA*262 PTA Internship II 5
  PTA*265 PTA Internship III 5
    Total 63

 Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates should be able to:

  1. Sit for examination for state licensure/ registration as a physical therapist assistant.
  2. Perform physical therapy interventions under the supervision of a physical therapist.
  3. Accurately obtain patient information through data collection.
  4. Demonstrate accurate problem-solving abilities when working as a physical therapist assistant.
  5. Competently communicate with physical therapists, patients, families and other health care providers.
  6. Effectively provide education to patients, families, and other caregivers.
  7. Produce documentation supporting physical therapy services.
  8. Demonstrate behaviors that comply with appropriate statutes and with the ethical standards established by the American Physical Therapy Association.
  9. Competently function within an interdisciplinary health care team.